Public Sector Management

Aware that the Public Sector is the principal actor in macro socio economic policy and a vehicle for national development, EBF TZ puts emphasis on productivity management, management of human resource, financial and other resources. In addressing Public Sector Management, activities range from planning, formulation and implementation of policies, programmes and projects for delivery of goods and services to the nation through a number of Government institutions.

The focus therefore is on Government ministries, Independent departments, Commissions and authorities. EBF TZ ensures efficient and effective delivery of services in the Public Sector by applying appropriate management strategies including:

  1. Performance Management System (PMS);
  2. Performance Evaluation, Assessment and Review (PEAR);
  3. Value for Money Audit (VFMA);
  4. Work Improvement Teams (WIT);
  5. Computerization of Personnel Management Systems (CPMS);
  6. Organizations and Method (O&M);
  7. Rationalization of the Institution Functions and Management;
  8. Sizing of staff establishments.


EBF TZ is concerned largely with strategic management of human resource in regard to leadership, training and development, team building, motivation, communication and institutional capacity building, accountability as well as addressing macro level organizational questions such as organization structure and design.